An online toolkit for event organisers

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Resource Sustainability

For your event to become financially viable, you will need to understand where your budget will come from in future years. Often, grant funding is only available for the first few years of an event and it is likely to be less money each year.

You may have had some success with private or public sector sponsor partnerships or have generated some income from ticket sales and you can use these as feasible options for taking your event forward in future.

You will also need to consider who has been involved in delivering your event up to now and whether they plan to continue supporting your event, particularly if they are volunteers.  It is important that you provide the right support and training for your team to maintain their enthusiasm and continued support for your event.

You may also consider somebody else taking over the management of your event in future, particularly if it becomes too big for your team to manage.

Environmental Sustainability

Sustainable event management can help in planning an event responsibly, taking into account concerns for environmental, economic and social issues. There is now a lot of guidance available and a British Quality Standard (BSI-20121) to work to.

It needs to start at the inception of the project, and should involve all the key players, such as the event organisers, venues, sub-contractors and suppliers. Whatever the size of your event, you can adopt a similar approach to health and safety risk assessment, using a checklist and establishing the likelihood and scale of an impact affecting people, the environment or local businesses.

Some events may include positive sustainability impacts, such as raising awareness of environmental issues and supporting local business.

You must meet legal requirements, and a systematic approach can help ensure your event is compliant with environmental regulations, for example waste Duty of Care regulations; and that it does not cause pollution for example from a spillage of cooking oil or milk leaking into a watercourse.

You could make a top level statement, for example"To make the event as sustainable as possible",or, you may want to back up your top level statement, for example:

"We will make our event as sustainable as we can by making sure we adopt a responsible and well-informed approach to understanding and reducing negative impacts on people and the environment, and by maximising its positive impacts.We will have a systematic approach to make sure we comply with all relevant regulations, and prevent environmental damage."

Once you have established what the most important issues are you could include more specific aims, such as "We will... 

  • Reduce traffic
  • Reduce impact on neighbours
  • Prevent contamination of water courses (river, sea, groundwater etc).
  • Leave the site in good condition
  • Reduce energy use and CO2 emissions
  • Calculate the event's carbon or ecological footprint
  • Reduce transportation mileage (delivery to and from site);
  • Reduce the need for waste disposal
  • Reduce water to landfill Food Safety and avoidance of contamination.
  • Prevent nuisance to neighbours 
  • Build community engagement; promote benefits to local people.
  • Maximise the value of the event to the local economy
  • Promote healthy food: safe practices in food prep promoting healthy eating
  • Promote local food growers and suppliers.

A Sustainability Assessment Template with further guidance is available to download on this site.