Man's Best Friend


"Our perfect day in Bridgend has to be heading out alongside our Cocker Spaniel Nacho to explore Bridgend's beautiful coast and countryside. We'll tend to start off by exploring the peaceful woodland paths.

We love this part of the country, it's such a hidden gem and you quite often feel as if you've stumbled upon something completely undiscovered! We can sometimes carry on exploring the paths for hours, coming across the odd walker or cyclist who also happens to know about this picturesque corner of the county.

Eventually, the path leads onto sand as you reach the coast, which is where Nacho really gets excited! He bounds up over the dunes and before we know it we're scaling the mighty Big Dipper! It's sometimes hard work getting to the top but, once you do, you get to look out towards the coast, which is just stunning. Time it right and get there just as the sun starts to set, perfect!" Gareth Thomas, star of 'Man's Best Friend'

Does this sound like your Perfect Day? Tell us about yours.........

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