An online toolkit for event organisers

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  • Wiggle Bike Ride Wales
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Legal Considerations

Organising an event involves taking care of a variety of legal and licensing issues. Bridgend County Borough Council is responsible for dealing with licensing for different activities: 

  • Performing live music
  • Recorded Music
  • Dancing
  • Performance of a play
  • Exhibition or a film
  • Indoor sporting events
  • Retail sale and supply of alcohol
  • Boxing or wrestling events
  • Supplying hot food or drink after 11pm until 5am

Applicants for licences under the Licensing Act 2005 should contact Bridgend County Borough Council's Licensing department at an early stage for advice and to answer any queries that come up, as the Act is undergoing a number of changes.

Here are some of the basics in relation to licensing, which are correct at the time of the latest revision of this guide, but make sure you check with the relevant department:

  • If you wish to sell alcohol or provide regulated entertainment at your event and the event is likely to attract less than 500 people you will need to complete a Temporary Events Notice at a small fee.
  • If your event will attract 500 people or more then you will require a full Premises Licence. The cost of a licence depends on the rateable value of the site.  There is a sliding scale of fees for large scale events. 

Under the Licensing Act 2003, Regulated Entertainment is defined as any entertainment that is provided to members of the public, or a section of the public, or with a view of making a profit.  This definition is likely to change and you are advised to contact the Licensing Team to discuss what type of activities you wish to stage. 

The descriptions of entertainment are as follows:

  • Performance of a Play - A performance by way of speech, singing or action. This includes Mime, puppet theatre, theatrical reading, etc;
  • An Exhibition of a Film - The exhibition of any moving picture, not including promotional or educational films or live broadcasts;
  • An Indoor Sporting Event - Any sporting event which takes place inside a building and the spectators are accommodated inside that building;
  • Boxing or Wrestling Entertainment - Any contest, exhibition or display of boxing and wrestling;
  • Performance of Live Music and/or the Playing of Recorded Music - Includes vocal or instrumental music or any combination of the two; or
  • Performance of Dance - Any performance of dance by way of routine or entertainment. This includes majorettes, belly dancers  or stage dancers, it does not include people dancing along to music.

Bridgend County Borough Council offers one to one advice sessions to help you complete your application form. 

Please note that the licensing process can take up to two months to complete and will involve consultation with agencies and the public.