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World Record Gathering of Elves 2012

Bridgend Elf-steddfod

Bridgend Elf-steddfod

Saturday, 15th December, 2pm
Bridgend Town Centre, Adare Street
Ever seen the streets full of Christmas elves? No? Then join us at the Bridgend Elf-steddfod where once again we will attempt to beat the world record of elves gathering in one place at one time!
Last year we topped 1000 elves. This year we are hoping to reach over 1200! The day will be filled with elf activity and give you a chance to be a world record holder.
the elf kit - it's easy peasy! red or green jumper... and we supply the hat
If you have an elf costume, fantastic! If not, and you still want to join in the fun, put on something red or green and we will supply you with a hat!

World Record gathering of Elves, Bridgend

World Record gathering of Elves, Bridgend, originally uploaded by Tourism Bridgend.
Bridgend gathered nearly 800 Elves to smash the previous world record held by New York.

Elf World Record attempt

Regeneration attempt World Record, originally uploaded by Tourism Bridgend.
The Regeneration Unit in Bridgend, South Wales warmed up for the World Record Elf Gathering which takes place in Bridgend on Saturday, 11th December, 2010 at 2pm

Rhiannon the Elf

Rhiannon the Elf, originally uploaded by Tourism Bridgend.
The Elf world record gathering attempt set to take place in Bridgend this weekend has already broken one town centre record - the largest number of Elf hats bought in one go.
With interest in the record-breaking attempt soaring, more than 800 hats have been purchased ready for the ‘Elf-steddfod’, which takes place between 12pm-2pm on Saturday 11 December.
Organisers of the event want more than 608 people to meet in the town centre to break the world record, which is currently held by New York City.
To qualify as an Elf, you must turn up in your own costume or just wear something green or red - an Elf hat will be supplied upon entry.
The event will also feature Elves on stilts, acrobatic Elves, a children’s baking marquee and music from Bridge FM. Town centre shops have lent their support to the unique event with the Elf hats purchased by The Travel House and supplied by Logo Toys.

World Record, Elves, Bridgend attempt

World Record, Elves, Bridgend, originally uploaded by Tourism Bridgend.
Bridgend is hoping to break the world record for number of elves in one place at one time. The record is currently held by New York but we want to bring it to South Wales. All we need are at least 620 elves to gather in Adare Street on 11th December at 2pm.
To take part you must meet the following elf specification:
• wear a red or green jumper • wear an elf hat - these are provided but you can wear your own
There will also be lots of elf activities including arts and crafts, Christmas baking and the opening of the Bridgend Christmas Market.
Join our 'are you a wElf' facebook campaign for further details or see