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Guide: The Different Types of Bushcraft in Bridgend

Bridgend is the perfect spot when it comes to going out into the wild and getting back to life's basics.  With such diverse terrain that ranges from coastal nature reserves to woodland areas, it's no surprise that there is such a wide range of survival and bushcraft courses on offer in the area.

Bushcraft Elvis in Action

Bushcraft Elvis in Action

Places such as the Kenfig Nature Reserve, beaches along the coast and the rolling woodland valleys in the northern part of the county offer the perfect conditions for food foraging, learning how to make a shelter and surviving off the land.
So along with spotting Elvis being a 'flaming star' of lighting fires from scratch, here are a few more bushcraft activities on offer in Bridgend.
Types of survival and bushcraft course in Bridgend.
There are two main bushcraft activity providers situated in Bridgend Cwm Tawel and Wild Spirit Bushcraft. Both offer a different approaches to the activities and very much complement each other.  So here are our top picks for course... 
DSC_0124 R 5001 - Yes you can eat nettles...     Wild food foraging at Cwm Tawel
Enjoy a day foraging for wild food and medicinal plants, then return to camp with your treasures and cook a simple camp meal. On each course visitors will join Cwm Tawel's instructors on a day's forage around the woodland, meadows and hills to take a look at what we can find. During these forages visitors will get to uncover flora identification techniques and discover some of the useful edible and medicinal plants available to humans. Visitors get to learn how to harvest these resources in a sustainable manner, as well as how to prepare each ingredient. There will be tasting sessions through the day and the opportunity to cook the ingredients.
DSC_0108 R 5002. A spear is more then just a weapon... The Indigenous Bushman at Wild Spirit Bushcraft
This course is suitable for adventurous beginners and people with some bushcraft experience. The course covers a wide range of fascinating skills and techniques that are sure to enthuse and inspire. Participants will get to go all out, by having to sleep in hammocks or shelters, learn how to hunt and learn methods from indigenous bushman techniques.
3.  Tools doesn't just mean hammer and axe...  Making survival tools at Cwm Tawel
This course provides an informal introduction to spoon carving using basic carving tools perfect for having a whittle around the camp fire in the evening. Visitors learn how to select and collect the right wood, split and rough out a blank and then proceed to carve a spoon which you will be able to take home with you or use to eat your dinner!
4. The key survival fundamentals to living are never that clear...   The Woodland Survivor or Explorer Course at Wild Spirit Bushcraft
This is an ideal weekend for people looking to discover the hidden secrets of the woodland. This course covers the basic and essential skills of Woodland Survival:
Safety and Hygiene, Locating Water, Safe use of Cutting Tools, Friction Fire Lighting (native fiddle), Autumn Shelter Building, Backwoods Cookery, Hammock and Tarp Set Up, Camp Craft (wood carving), Food Foraging, Cordage (nettle)
DSC_08655. The normal ways of survival do not mean a sofa and TV....  Nomandic Bushman at Wild Spirit Bushcraft
Discover the effectiveness of trap making in the wild and utilising the resources that surround you in the wild. This course covers the basic and essential skills of Woodland Survival:
Friction Fire Lighting with (Fungus, Flint & steel, Strike Lighting, Native Bow, Hand Drill), Water purification and location, Breads, Stews, Pies, Natural Cordage (Willow, Bramble, Nettle, Elm), Star - Craft, Fungi, Plant And Tree Identification, Arrows and Fletching, Wood Carving, Game Preparation (Gutting And Skinning), Hot Rock Cooking,Trapping, Hammock And Tarp Set Up, Four Seasons Shelter Building, Wild Food Foraging,Resin extraction for glue and tar making.
THE BONUS.... One of the best bushcraft day's out Wales has to offer: Bryngarw Bushwaka
29 March, 2014, Saturday 29th March. 10am - 5pm
Go native and explore the world of bushcraft and experience traditional wilderness living skills at this family event. Bushcraft demonstrations and workshops will be on going throughout the day. Activities to include Friction Fire Lighting, Willow Weaving, Foraging Walks, Campfire Cooking, Shelter Building, Falconry Display, Chainsaw Carving, Story Telling in a giant Tipi and many more. There will also be bushcraft related stalls and if you are interested in the natural environment and traditional skills there will also be an opportunity to meet local craft and conservation groups.

Bridgend Feastival

Are you a lover of Welsh food and drink?
Why not head on down to this year's Bridgend Feastival, where some fantastic local foodie entertainment and experiences combine with a whole host of other activities to make sure that there's something for every member of the family to enjoy.


Taking place on Friday the 27th and Saturday the 28th of September (the same dates as our amazingly unique Elvis festival), Feastival will transform Bridgend centre into a hub of award-winning Welsh food and drink and top class entertainment.
The main reason for the festival is that we really wanted to showcase the true deliciousness of the food and drink on offer from local Welsh producers. Throughout the weekend some seriously good Welsh suppliers will be out and about showing off all the mouth watering food and drink they've got to offer. You might even be lucky to pick up a sample from the likes of The Chocolate Brownie Company, Nervous Nigel's Relishes, Riley's Toffees, the Delicious Cake Bakery and Welsh Perry and Cider, alongside a whole host of others.
And while we might be serious about local food, that doesn't mean we aren't planning loads of fun to go along with it. Wander the streets during the festival and you could encounter anything from 'leek lobbing' (get it in the basket to win a prize) to spaghetti bridge building!
All of this with perhaps the biggest single attraction right at the centre. Back in 2010 it was a 10ft Cauliflower sheep, 2011 witnessed the amazing leaning tower of Pizza, last year was a 6ft Orangutan swinging through the trees - you just wait until you see what we've got lined up for you this year! One small clue; it'll be made out of Welsh food packaging…
And with 'Make it' being a big theme this year, you can expect a load of recipes, cookery demos and even food art. If you can't wait for September, be sure to keep up to date with our blog, where we'll  post videos of our favourite cookery demonstrations as well as recipes from across Wales.
For more information on this year's Feastival, visit

What's an Orange-Utan?

Bridgend Feastival
A visit to FEASTIVAL on Friday 28th & Saturday 29th September 10am to 5pm must be in your families' diary, if only to see the Orange-utan and the Cauliflower Forest.
While some food festivals provide plenty of opportunities to sample different foods, Feastival does this and lots more.
Feastival this year celebrates 60 years of food and gives loads of foodie stuff activities for children to interact with, they can eat it, make it, love it, laugh at it. Activities include leak lobbing, Spaghetti Bridge building and wrapping an egg in protective packaging for a 10 metre drop; the egg that survives wins a prize for its packager, Food of course.
When you visit Bridgend town centre this autumn you can meet with over 60 food traders on the streets, many providing tasters and produce for you to buy at the Feastival.  Get here early as we would not want you to miss out on some great tasting food. See Simon Wright compere a cookery demonstration for BBC Radio Wales live show on Saturday.
Celebrity chefs display their skills in the demonstration areas and this year is no exception with chefs from Loch Fynne showcasing fish preparation and Chef Anand George, Purple Poppadam his Nouvelle Indian cuisine. Check out the website for up to date news on who else will be demonstrating their talents this year. Local restaurants will be offering food for you to try from different eras.
Each year Feastival entertains the visitor with art work with a difference and this year is no exception. A Cauliflower forest will grow with your help in Bridgend town centre - is this true? Yes come and visit FEASTIVAL on this weekend and help to create Bridgend's very first cauliflower forest, we are calling all young and old to participate! Make history and help create Bridgend's' 1st ever Cauliflower forest! 
Come and see our Orange - utan, what's an Orange-utan I hear you ask.....well come and visit FEASTIVAL to see a 6ft orang-utan hanging from the trees! Be part of the fun and help us make this orang-utan family bigger by creating more orang -utans yourself. Hope you like oranges!!!
The streets of the town come alive from Punch and Judy shows for the younger children, "whose got my sausages" to seeing a bunch of grapes on stilts, perhaps if you are lucky you will get to taste some as well, you also need to watch out for the hula hooping carrot around the next corner and animals performing acrobatics up high, try this out for yourself if you dare.
Music will be everywhere to suit all ages so come along and bring all the family for a fun day out with food.
So what are you waiting for if you like food and a great day out, go to our website and sign up for regular updates on all that is happening. And make sure it is in your diary….

Rioja Wine Tasting Evening Friday 23rd September

The children and grand children have all gone back to school, so why not come and enjoy a Spanish Rioja evening with one of our wine suppliers.
There will be an opportunity to buy wine at a special price for one evening only!!!!!   Only £33.50pp to include a glass of wine with each course.
Dare you stay the night in this 15 century house?????  Double/twin £69 with breakfast, Single £39 with breakfast!!!!
T: 01656 657644

local ingredients for your breakfast

Make Royal Wedding day, Friday 29 April, a day to remember with a sumptuous breakfast, fit for a future king and queen. reach (the Rural Development Programme for Bridgend) has not only devised a menu to tantalise your taste buds, but can also tell you where you can buy all the fresh, local ingredients to make your mouth watering breakfast. For more information on reach visit: