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Coasteering in Wales

Coasteering in Wales, originally uploaded by Tourism Bridgend.

A group of us from the office went coasteering with Preseliventre down West Wales near St Davids. If you don’t know what coasteering is, don’t worry I didn’t either but after a quick look at their website I soon did!
It’s an adrenalin packed adventure sport, with the emphasis on cliff jumping, climbing, rock gully swimming, cave exploration, rock scrambling, and wave riding varying depending on tide, weather, swell and location - no two coasteers are ever the same.
The day was unforgettable, weather superb, sea as blue as the med and the location was inspirational. I don’t class myself as an adrenalin junky but I can see why people soon get hooked.
The next weekend I went Kayaking in Newton Bay, Porthcawl so perhaps these coastal activities are addictive after all.