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Jolly Sailor, Newton, Porthcawl

Jolly Sailor, Newton, Porthcawl, originally uploaded by Tourism Bridgend.
In 1818, the Jolly Sailor became Newton’s first licensed premises as a brew house. The establishment instantly became the smugglers headquarters and as the Lords of the Manors had dealings with them by exacting dues on cargos brought from Newton Weir this illegal trade was ignored.
The smugglers are thought to have dug a tunnel from Newton Port which travelled under the local Church and directly into the Jolly Sailor’s cellar. When the pub underwent renovations, in more recent times, the entrance to the tunnel was discovered, although never opened. It now lies hidden behind a brick wall, longing to be explored. The second part to the lounge area was once a cottage, which was purchased in later years and added to the public house creating the pub that we know today.