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Groggs born in Pontypridd

Believe it or not, but these little gems are indeed iconic in Wales.  Known as Groggs,  they are as well known in rugby circles as the stars themselves.  If you want to try to understand the psyche behind the Welsh obsession with the oval ball, then there's of course the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff to visit, but essential and a bit off the beaten track is the Grogg Shop in Pontypridd, where these little beauties are made. It's not all about rugby and sport though, as there are now Groggs of film stars, miners and even sheep but for the full collection and the history of these unique creatures in Wales, you have to pop into the shop. Guaranteed to be a cultural experience with a difference! If you're staying near us in Porthcawl or Bridgend, then there's a lovely journey over the top of the valleys to Pontypridd, will take about 30minutes or so.

Kenfig Beach

Located just off the M4 near Bridgend in between Cardiff and Swansea, Kenfig beach is one of those secrets kept well by the locals and surfers looking for something special.  Accessible via the Kenfig National Nature Reserve where you can park free of charge, there's a pleasant 20 minute walk through the dunes to the impressive expanse of coastline linking Porthcawl to Port Talbot.  Because of the walk, this is certainly off the beaten track territory and well worth the visit as you are likely to have the whole stretch of sand to yourself. Bliss.

The Taff Trail and Merthyr Viaduct

merthyr tydfil, originally uploaded by Synwell.

The Taff Trail is a 58 mile long cycle path that links both Cardiff and Brecon in South Wales. A great way to explore the best of the south Wales countryside with its varied rural and suburban landscapes, and still enjoy what our capital city and arguably one of our most famous market towns has to offer. Cycling or walking the Taff Trail even takes you through Merthyr Tydfil and one of the finest examples of a viaduct in Wales. The Cefn Coed Viaduct is 115 feet high in places and at 725ft long is the third longest viaduct in Wales.

Wales' most southerly tip?

Southerndown, originally uploaded by Auntie P.

This is Southerndown, part of the renown Glamorgan Heritage Coast in the Vale of Glamorgan. Great place to go for a stroll this, impressive clifftops, out of the way from the crowds and only a short drive out from Cardiff in one direction, and Bridgend in the other. Unmissable!