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Surf instructors needed - spend this summer on the beach!

Love surfing? Fancy spending this summer at the beach? Some of Wales' leading activity providers are seeking experienced and trainee surf instructors to help teach lessons on South Wales' beautiful Blue Flag beaches throughout the 2018 summer season.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 At 11.28.59

Porthcawl-based activity providers Adventures Wales and Porthcawl Surf School are looking to recruit experienced and trainee surf instructors to help cope with the influx of people wanting to learn to surf in what Lonely Planet and The Independent have named one of the UK's best surfing destinations.

The destination is struggling to cope with its increased popularity as more and more people discover the quality and consistency of the waves produced here. Rest Bay in Porthcawl is an ideal surf beach as it picks up the swells created by storms in the Atlantic ocean.  These are the same swells that reach established surf destinations like Cornwall and Devon, but being just two and a half hours from London means you'll be in the ocean a lot sooner.

Adventures Wales are seeking a full time experienced surf instructor to teach lessons at Blue Flag Rest Bay between June and August. Those looking to apply for the position will need the following qualifications: A current NVBLQ Lifeguard award (or equivalent) and an Accredited Surfing Instructors Award.

If you have the relevant experience and qualifications you can email a short CV to

Porthcawl Surf School are also looking for experienced and trainee surf instructors. Porthcawl surf school pride themselves on their progressive lesson structure and have gained a reputation as a quality surf school. Their philosophy is to concentrate on teaching people everything you need to know in one lesson but they'll need to come back and put that knowledge into practice.  

If you're a capable surfer and are interested in becoming an instructor, you'll be able to get your Accredited Surfing Instructors Award while on the job. Send a short CV to

Galw hyfforddwyr syrffio - beth am dreulio’r haf ar y traeth eleni!

Ydych chi awydd treulio'r haf eleni ar lan y môr? Mae rhai o ddarparwyr gweithgareddau mwyaf blaenllaw Cymru yn chwilio am hyfforddwyr syrffio profiadol a hyfforddeion i helpu i roi gwersi ar draethau hardd Baner Las De Cymru gydol tymor yr haf 2018.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 At 11.28.59 

Mae darparwyr gweithgareddau o Borthcawl, sef Adventures Wales ac Ysgol Syrffio Porthcawl yn dymuno recriwtio hyfforddwyr syrffio profiadol a hyfforddeion i helpu i ymdopi â'r llif mawr o bobl sydd eisiau dysgu syrffio yn un o gyrchfannau syrffio gorau'r DU yn ôl Lonely Planet a The Independent.

Mae'r gyrchfan yn cael trafferth ymdopi â'r cynnydd yn ei phoblogrwydd wrth i fwy a mwy o bobl ddarganfod ansawdd a chysondeb y tonnau a gaiff eu cynhyrchu yma. Mae Bae Rest ym Mhorthcawl yn draeth syrffio delfrydol gan ei fod yn codi'r ymchwyddiadau sy'n cael eu creu gan stormydd ym Môr Iwerydd.  Yr un ymchwyddiadau sy'n cyrraedd cyrchfannau syrffio sydd wedi ennill bri fel Cernyw a Dyfnaint, ond dim ond cwta ddwy awr i ffwrdd o Lundain yw Porthcawl, ac felly fe fyddwch chi yn y môr yn llawer cynt.

Mae Adventures Wales yn chwilio am hyfforddwr syrffio profiadol llawn-amser i roi gwersi ym mae Baner Las Bae Rest rhwng Mehefin ac Awst. Bydd y rhai sy'n dymuno ymgeisio am y swydd angen y cymwysterau canlynol: Dyfarniad Achub Bywyd NVBLQ cyfredol (neu gymhwyster cyfatebol) a Dyfarniad Hyfforddwr Syrffio Achrededig.

Os oes gennych chi'r profiad a'r cymwysterau perthnasol gallwch e-bostio CV byr at

Mae Ysgol Syrffio Porthcawl hefyd yn chwilio am hyfforddwyr syrffio profiadol a hyfforddeion. Mae ysgol syrffio Porthcawl yn ymfalchïo yn ei strwythur gwersi blaengar ac wedi cael enw da fel ysgol syrffio o ansawdd rhagorol. Mae eu hathroniaeth yn ymwneud â chanolbwyntio ar ddysgu popeth y mae angen i chi ei wybod mewn un wers, ond bydd angen i chi ddod yn ôl i roi'r wybodaeth honno ar waith. 

Os ydych chi'n syrffiwr galluog a diddordeb gennych mewn dod yn hyfforddwr, bydd modd i chi ennill eich Dyfarniad Hyfforddwr Syrffio Achrededig wrth i chi wneud y swydd. Anfonwch CV byr at 

Coastal Heroes: An interview with Chris Missen

For the next in our series of interviews with Bridgend County's Coastal Heroes we speak to the RNLI's Chris Missen about his bronze medal for Gallantry and how he juggles working at the RNLI with owning a chip shop.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 At 16.57.05

Could you start by telling me how you got involved with the RNLI?
My family has always been involved with the charity so I'd wanted to join from an early age. My Auntie and uncle were members of the crew and my brother is too. You have to be 17 to join the lifeboat crew so it was the first thing I did on my 17th birthday!
You've received the RNLI bronze medal for Gallantry - looking back, which rescue have you felt most proud to be a part of? 
It's got to be that one. I was employed with the National Flood Rescue Team at the time in Basingstoke and we were called out to a lady who had been trapped in the flood. It was the one rescue I thought we'd pushed our luck and to be honest I thought we weren't going to come out. But to have a woman turn around and say you had given her son his Christmas back is quite special. That one really stands out and reminds me why I do the job. There isn't a feeling like it to know you've bought someone back from the verge of death and I feel very lucky to be able to do what I do.
What goes through your mind when you're responding to an incident like that?
When you're responding to an incident you don't have time to think or worry about anything else. You are completely focussed on getting the job done to achieve the best outcome possible. But it really helps to have a big support network around you - I'm lucky that I have so many family members in the team, but as a crew we treat everyone like family - as cheesy as it sounds! If you need help with anything the crew will always be there.

What does it take to become an RNLI lifeboat crew? Fitness tests/first aid?
From joining, it's a continual assessment of your dedication and abilities. For the first six months the most dangerous thing you'll touch is a hose pipe, but it's an important period to prove your commitment to the team. Now, we train every Wednesday night and Sunday morning to make sure we are prepared for anything that comes our way. We also have station cleaning and kit checks which keep us busy.
What does a typical day look like for you?
My days can vary quite a lot. I've got my own chip shop (The Boathouse Fish Bar in Porthcawl) and I'm also a traffic police officer. It's pretty full on! Depending on my policing shift I will work in the chip shop during the day. That's fine if I get called out because the shop is not far from the lifeboat station. It gets a little more complicated when I'm policing as it depends how many officers are on duty at the time to cover.
How do you juggle such a busy schedule with full time work?
As a shift worker, it's a lot easier for me to juggle my work with the lifeboat than it is for some. We get around 100 call-outs a year so for those with more restricted jobs that can be quite disruptive to work.
When do you get the majority of your incidents?
Our busiest time tends to be the summer time, but it all depends on the tide. Porthcawl and the Bridgend area has the second biggest tidal range in the world, so if people have gone for a walk when the tide's coming in and got cut off, that's when we get the call.  Our last call out was at about 11pm when a teenagers lost track of the tide and got cut off - it can happen to anyone.
What do you love about the beaches around Bridgend?
I love the fact that wherever you are, within 10-15 minutes you can be on beautiful sandy beaches with the waves crashing around you. It's awesome. I think it's amazing that you can be on the countryside and still be a stone's throw from stunning beaches. That's something I think is really unique.

What do you do in your spare time?
Lifeboats are my free time really! I've got my own little boat so I love pottering around in the new porthcawl marina and checking out all the other little boats. I think it's beautiful and a fantastic new asset to Bridgend.
Lastly, what advice would you give to people hoping to stay safe at sea this summer?
Always go to a lifeguarded beach and if they are not on duty at the time then always let someone know where you are and ask them to look out for you.

Arwyr yr Arfordir: Cyfweliad gyda Chris Missen

Ar gyfer y nesaf yn ein cyfres o gyfweliadau ag Arwyr Arfordirol Sir Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr, rydyn ni'n sgwrsio â Chris Missen o'r RNLI am ei fedal efydd am Ddewrder a sut mae'n jyglo gweithio i'r RNLI a bod yn berchen ar siop sglodion. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 At 16.57.05

Allech chi ddechrau drwy ddweud wrthyf fi sut gwnaethoch chi ddechrau ymwneud â'r RNLI?
Mae fy nheulu wedi bod yn ymwneud â'r elusen erioed, felly roeddwn i'n dymuno ymuno o oedran cynnar. Roedd fy modryb a fy ewythr yn aelodau o'r criw, ac mae fy mrawd yn aelod hefyd. Mae'n rhaid i chi fod yn 17 oed i ymuno â chriw y bad achub, felly dyna'r peth cyntaf wnes i ar fy mhen-blwydd yn 17!

Rydych chi wedi derbyn medal efydd yr RNLI am Ddewrder - wrth edrych yn ôl, pa ddigwyddiad achub ydych chi wedi teimlo'n fwyaf balch o fod yn rhan ohono?
Mae'n rhaid iddo fod yr un yna. Roeddwn i'n cael fy nghyflogi gan y Tîm Cenedlaethol Achub o Lifogydd yn Basingstoke ar y pryd, ac fe gawsom ein galw allan at ddynes a oedd wedi'i dal yn y llifogydd. Dyna'r un achos lle roeddwn i'n meddwl ein bod ni wedi mentro'n lwc ac i fod yn onest, roeddwn i'n credu na fydden ni'n dod allan ohoni. Ond pan fydd dynes yn dweud eich bod chi wedi rhoi'r Nadolig yn ôl i'w mab, wel, mae hynny'n eithaf arbennig. Mae'r enghraifft honno'n sefyll allan go iawn, ac yn fy atgoffa i pam rwy'n gwneud y gwaith. Does dim byd tebyg - gwybod eich bod wedi achub rhywun a oedd ar fin marw. Rwy'n teimlo'n ffodus iawn fy mod yn cael gwneud yr hyn rwy'n ei wneud.

Beth sy'n mynd drwy eich meddwl pan fyddwch chi'n ymateb i ddigwyddiad fel yna?
Pan fyddwch chi'n ymateb i ddigwyddiad, does gennych chi ddim amser i feddwl na phoeni am unrhyw beth arall. Rydych chi'n canolbwyntio'n llwyr ar wneud y gwaith a sicrhau'r canlyniad gorau posib. Ond mae cael rhwydwaith cefnogi mawr o'ch cwmpas chi'n helpu. Rwy'n ffodus am fod cynifer o aelodau fy nheulu yn y tîm, ond fel criw, rydyn ni'n trin pawb fel teulu - er mor gawslyd mae hynny'n swnio! Os oes angen help arnoch gydag unrhyw beth, mae'r criw bob amser yno.

Beth sy'n ofynnol i ddod yn aelod o griw bad achub yr RNLI? Profion ffitrwydd / cymorth cyntaf?
O'r cyfnod pan fyddwch yn ymuno, bydd eich gallu a'ch ymrwymiad yn cael eu hasesu'n barhaus. Pibell ddŵr yw'r peth peryclaf y byddwch chi'n cael ei gyffwrdd am y chwe mis cyntaf, ond mae'r cyfnod hwn yn bwysig er mwyn profi eich ymrwymiad i'r tîm. Nawr, rydyn ni'n hyfforddi bob nos Fercher a bob bore dydd Sul i wneud yn siŵr ein bod ni'n barod ar gyfer unrhyw beth sy'n dod i'n rhan. Rydyn ni hefyd yn gwirio'r cit ac yn glanhau'r orsaf, sy'n ein cadw ni'n brysur.

Disgrifiwch ddiwrnod nodweddiadol i chi?
Gall fy niwrnodau amrywio'n fawr. Mae gen i fy siop sglodion fy hun (The Boathouse Fish Bar, Porthcawl) ac rwyf hefyd yn swyddog heddlu traffig. Mae'n eithaf prysur rhwng popeth! Yn dibynnu ar fy sifft gyda'r heddlu, byddaf yn gweithio yn y siop sglodion yn ystod y dydd. Mae'n iawn os byddaf yn cael fy ngalw allan bryd hynny oherwydd nad yw'r siop yn rhy bell o orsaf y bad achub. Mae'n gallu bod rhywfaint yn fwy cymhleth pan fyddaf yn gweithio i'r heddlu, gan ei fod yn dibynnu ar sawl swyddog heddlu sydd ar ddyletswydd ar y pryd.

Sut ydych chi'n jyglo amserlen mor brysur a gwaith llawn amser? 
Gan fy mod i'n gweithio sifftiau, mae'n llawer haws i mi jyglo fy ngwaith gyda'r bad achub nag yw hi i rai. Rydyn ni'n cael ein galw allan tua 100 o weithiau bob blwyddyn, felly gall hynny amharu cryn dipyn ar waith y rheini sydd â swyddi mwy cyfyngedig.

Pryd mae'r rhan fwyaf o ddigwyddiadau?
Yr haf yw'r amser prysuraf fel rheol, ond mae'n dibynnu'n llwyr ar y llanw. Mae'r amrediad llanw ail fwyaf yn y byd yn ardal Porthcawl a Phen-y-bont ar Ogwr, felly os bydd pobl wedi mynd am dro pan fydd y llanw'n dod i mewn, ac yn cael eu dal, dyna pryd fyddwn ni'n cael ein galw. Y tro diwethaf i ni gael ein galw oedd tua 11pm pan oedd person ifanc yn ei arddegau wedi colli cyfrif o'r llanw ac wedi cael ei ddal - gall ddigwydd i unrhyw un.

Beth ydych chi'n ei hoffi am y traethau yng nghyffiniau Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr?
Rwyf wrth fy modd â hyn - ble bynnag rydych chi, gallwch chi fod ar draethau tywod hardd gyda'r tonnau'n taro o'ch cwmpas o fewn 10-15 munud. Mae'n wych. Rwy'n credu ei bod yn anhygoel y gallwch fod yng nghefn gwlad ac o fewn tafliad carreg i draethau trawiadol hefyd. Mae hynny'n rhywbeth sydd wir yn unigryw yn fy marn i.

Beth ydych chi'n ei wneud pan fyddwch yn rhydd? 
Badau achub sy'n mynd â fy amser rhydd mewn gwirionedd! Mae gen i fy mad bychan fy hun, ac rwyf wrth fy modd yn stwna ym marina newydd Porthcawl yn edrych ar yr holl fadau bychan eraill. Mae'n hyfryd yn fy marn i, ac yn ased newydd arbennig i Ben-y-bont ar Ogwr.  

I gloi, pa gyngor fyddech chi'n ei roi i bobl sy'n gobeithio cadw'n ddiogel yn y môr yr haf hwn?
Ewch ar draeth lle mae achubwr bywydau bob amser, ac os nad oes unrhyw un ar ddyletswydd ar y pryd, rhowch wybod i rywun lle rydych chi a gofyn iddyn nhw gadw llygaid allan amdanoch chi.

Porthcawl Jazz & Blues Festival

It's nearly time for Porthcawl's annual Jazz and Blues Fest, the show stoppingly energetic weekend festival which guarantees toes to tap! From its star studded line up to how best to get there, here's all the information you'll need to ensure you don't miss a thing on the big weekend.


What? Porthcawl's annual Jazz and Blues festival, to be held over three musical days. Listen to your favourite artists by purchasing a selection of day and evening tickets or head to the fringe to pick up some sweet sounds and explore the jazz market.
Where? Porthcawl Grand Pavilion, Esplanade, Porthcawl, CF36 3YW
When? Friday 13th - Sunday 15th April.

Feel Good Friday, 13th April
Listen to the sweet sounds of the Bossa Nova Quartet 'Ocaso', the Brazilian, Portuguese and Welsh band which will be helping the crowds chill out on the Friday.
Friday 13th, Tickets £9

A Day of Jazz, 14th April
Enjoy a a full day of jazz on the Saturday with acts The Rumblestrutters, Greg Carley, Afternoon in Paris, Donnie Joe's American Swing, Steve Doolan Quartet, Liberty Street Jazz Band and Welsh Guitar Duo to look out for. To make the most of the sensational lineup, stick around for evening headliner, Darius Brubeck Quartet featuring Dave O'Higgins, who together, have been hailed one of the best jazz partnerships in the UK.
Saturday 14th April, Jazz Day Tickets £30, Darius Brubeck Tickets £20

Sunday Blues, 15th April
Embrace the Sunday Blues and experience sweet sounds of the Blues Sisters, Sicknote Steve, Mellow Down Easy, Liam Ward Band, Keith Christmas, Bay Rum Hounds, Liam Ward Band and Welsh Guitar Duo in a day brimming with bluesy notes.
Sunday 15th April  Day Tickets £15. Fringe tickets from £7.50

You can buy all tickets to the Porthcawl Jazz and Blues Festival here: Tickets from £7.50