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Forget Pokemon Go - here's Digital Bridgend

Forget Pokemon Go - there's plenty of augmented reality fun to be had in Bridgend County this summer and there doesn't need to be a single Pokeball in sight!

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Digital Bridgend is a fantastic app for the whole family that will immerse you in the history of the destination, complete with treasure hunts, interactive games and more.

Discover the most fascinating stories of the valleys around Bridgend, including Dr Richard Price, the Maid of Cefn Ydfa and Thomas Evans. Track dinosaurs, smelt iron, uncover lost treasure and hunt ghosts in 17 unique augmented reality experiences.

There are a total of 17 unique experiences spread out across 6 'hubs' within the destination - Ogmore Valley, Bridgend & it's Castles, Garw Valley, Industrial Times, Porthcawl & the Coast and Maesteg & the Llynfi Valley. The Digital Bridgend app with all 17 experiences is now available on Apple and Android phones.

Get it on Google play  Available on the App Store

Biking in Bridgend County

Yesterday, Wales Online posted this article about Porthcawl Bike Hire, a new bike hire business in Porthcawl offering 'fat bikes' - bicycles with larger, wider tyres that allow the rider to go along the sand and even to the edge of the sea without sinking.


The bikes allow cyclists to travel from one end of Porthcawl to the other without ever having to go onto the road, and this is the perfect activity for a hot summer's day on the Blue Flag beaches of Porthcawl.

Keep in mind, however, that Bridgend County is a great spot for all types of cycling, not least mountain biking up in the rugged hills of the Bridgend County Valleys.

There are two Darren Fawr Mountain biking trails - the Glengarw trail for intermediate riders and the Gellideg trail for experts. You can actually combine them to create a really challenging trail that's about 6km in total."

Blue trail - named the Glengarw Trail (after the Glengarw Colliery, also known as the Ballarat). This is 3km long and involves a 100m climb.

Black trail - named the Gellideg Trail (after the largest coal seam in the Ocean Colliery) This is 3.2km long and involves a 200m climb.

Nature spotting in Bridgend County

Summer is here and the natural world is in full bloom. Here in Bridgend County we have some of the most amazing flora and fauna that Britain has to offer, not to mention a very rare orchid that was the subject of a recent hunt by the team at Countryfile magazine ( read about it here).

Kenfig _sunset

Kenfig National Nature Reserve - This is one of Wales' top sand-dune reserves, with a huge variety of  plants, birds and insects that depend on this coastal habitat for  survival. At the edge of the reserve is Kenfig Pool, Glamorgan's largest lake. Kenfig is home to imposing sand dunes which lead to the coast and Sker Point, as well as the rare Fen orchid which can be spotted during the summer months. 

Craig-y-parcau - a woodland area located along a steep slope of the Ogmore River. The top path through the woods forms part of the River Ogmore and Merthyr Mawr Circular Walk. Carpets of wildflowers line the attractive riverside path and there is plenty of opportunity for spotting Wood Anemone, Yellow Archangel and Wood Sorrel.

Frogs Wood Pond - The woodland here is mainly oak and ash, which provide ideal nesting places and foraging opportunities for woodland birds and wildflowers. The pond and wetland areas you'll come across as you explore the wood get very busy with wildlife in the summer months. Take some time to watch the insect activity near the pond - or go in search of the 'Keeper of the Pond' - part of the Natuer Keepers Quest.

Tremains Wood - Found at the heart of Brackla, this is a fantastic natural location surrounded by a housing development. This is a great place for children to explore the woodland, each marks with 'robin arrows' and information panels to help you spot a variety of trees, flowers and wildlife. Look out for the 'Keeper of the Wood'!

For more information on the Nature Keepers Quest visit /nature-keepers.aspx