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A Street Party Like No Other

The Street Party Like No Other' is happening again in Bridgend Town Centre on Saturday 17th May.

This FREE festival has grown and promises to not disappoint as we MashUp yet again the  ARTS and SPORTS into one exiting whole day event managing to give adrenaline junkies their fix whilst still providing a fun filled day out for the family!

If you are a regular 'Masher' you should know that you can expect to be surprised as year by year we like to keep things fresh and unusual.

2014's event promises not to disappoint as the 'MashUp Makers' (people and businesses of the town) have pulled together like never before to create something truly awesome with loads of new high energy activities including, ramps for skateboarders, bmx bikers. Then try out for the decathlon with Welsh Athletics and listen to music to suit all tastes on dedicated stages plus loads more!

Bridgend is alive and kicking, so GetInvolved!



AIM will be performing free running again this year.

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