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How to celebrate World Oceans Day in Bridgend County

2018 is Wales' Year of the Sea. Here in Bridgend County you can experience some truly epic coastal adventures. And with June 8th marking World Oceans Day, a global day of ocean celebration and collaboration, there's never been a better time to give back to our beautiful beaches. From chilly aquathlons to a giant beach cleans, there are plenty of events to help you celebrate World Oceans Day in Bridgend County…

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Cheer on the big World Ocean Day swimmers (30th May)
This big social swim may already be closed for registration but that doesn't mean you can't come along and help cheer them on! Swimmers will take the plunge for an hour at 7pm at the cosy corner slip, plus you should allow time to enjoy the quirky street performers Kitch & Sync From 6.30pm, behold the bedraggled beauties, swept up on the shore, serenading shipwrecked sailors with their sublime, sultry sounds….. "Hang on a minute now luv, you talkin' about us or sumfink??" These mermaids are not like the ones you've heard about in fairy tales!. Stop for a drink at the newly renovated Jennings Building or, if you're lucky enough to be taking part in the swim, follow up with dinner at one of Porthcawl's top restaurants.

Family Beach Discovery Day (31st May)

A wonderful family event where you can learn all about what makes the beaches and marine habitats of Bridgend County so special. The surrounding waters are home to a great deal of wildlife including porpoise and common dolphins, as well as moon and barrel jellyfish, starfish, crabs, flat fish and the honeycomb worm, a protected species.

Meet outside the yellow life guard station on Rhych Point Porthcawl. A SeaQuest leader will take you on voyage of discovery to meet our coastal creatures and play beach games. We provide all equipment you need to wear sensible shoes and bring your snacks. £3 per child. Booking is essential - Email

Give an Ocean Aquathlon a Tri! (3rd June)

This year SeaQuest has teamed up with GoTri to create the ultimate sprint distance aquathlon in the ocean this summer. The event will involve a 400m sea swim followed by a 3km run along the coast. This event is now full but dedicated spectators can grab a breakfast bap from 7am!

For the less dedicated spectator come and join the crowds a little later on for quirky street performers Kitch n Sync doing their Pseudo Synchro act at 9am at cosy corner slip. ATTENTION!!! Up, two, three, four, keep it up, two, three four… The Pseudo Synchro Swim Team are out and busy in training; being drilled by their swim captain with military precision and preparing for the biggest most spectacular synchronized swimming display of their lives (which takes place in a children's paddling pool!).. Enjoy a coffee in the nearby Jennings Building, or why not treat yourselves to a delicious Sunday brunch! Aquathlon start 9am at cosy corner slip.

Clean up the ocean (8th June)
If you'd like to get more involved with ocean conservation, the World Ocean Day celebratory beach clean is just the place to start. Get your whole family down to the beach and help rid the coast of pesky plastics. Beach cleaners will be encouraged to make a promise to the ocean: a positive life change which will help protect the shores. Event takes place 6pm at Rest Bay Beach.

Don't worry if you're busy this day - Porthcawl hosts regular beach cleans. Be sure to keep an eye on the Bridgend Bites events calendar for further information: /events.aspx

Hit the beaches of Bridgend County!
We're really lucky to be home to so many wonderful beaches. If you're big into watersports you can take to the golden sands of Rest Bay Beach and Trecco Bay, both great for surfers. For something a little different you can head to Sker, which backs onto the beautiful Kenfig National Nature Reserve, of Newton Bay, which allows year-round access to your four-legged friends.

Some events referenced form part of the RTEF funded Porthcawl Seascape Project. The Regional Tourism Engagement Fund (RTEF) is a revenue fund, supported through the Welsh Government Rural Communities Rural Development Programme 2014-2020. It is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD), and Welsh Government.

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