The goings on in and around Bridgend

August Bank Holiday happenings

August Bank Holiday weekend is just around the corner and that means the time has come to head out and celebrate the last of the summer sun before autumn's inevitable arrival. Here are just a few ways to enjoy the long weekend…

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Ddraig Valley Farm Park
Geraint Robson and Caitlyn Corless, both from Cardiff, founded Ddraig Valley Farm Park in Pencoed, an animal centre designed to allow the public to get close to and learn more about both traditional and exotic species. Ddraig Valley Farm is home to traditional farm animals such as goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, donkeys and geese, as well as more unusual species such as tortoises, iguanas, terrapins, quails and alpacas. Tickets cost just £4 and all proceeds go back to the animals themselves.

McArthur Glen Bridgend
Yes, you're guaranteed a bargain whenever you visit Bridgend favourite outlet store, but this summer there's a lot more on offer than just retail therapy. The centre has been transformed into a destination of family fun, where visitors can enjoy an open-air social lounge, games, art and craft workshops and immerse themselves in an abundance of musical activity. Every Saturday there will also be busker style performers as well as the unique 'sound maze' art installation giving kids of all ages the opportunity to explore and experiment with music

Friends of Parc Slip Nature Reserve
On Saturday the 26th of August, join friends of Parc Slip weekend conservation work party and help Parc Slip look after the nature reserve, with activities ranging from wildlife surveys to bug hotel building! Everyone is welcome for a morning of hands-on conservation and good company (10:30am-12:30pm). It is essential that you let them know if you are planning on coming. The tasks they do will vary and will be weather dependent, so if you would like to come along please contact Lorna on 01656 724100 or email.

Porthcawl Summer Festival
Taking place on Tuesday the 29th of August, Porthcawl will be overrun with Pirates at the Summer Festival Event. It promises to be an exciting family fun day for everyone to enjoy. Pirate themed fancy dress is welcomed and prizes will be awarded to the best dressed pirates! Free entrance, 10am-5pm.

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