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Bryngarw Country Park takes centre stage for summer outdoor theatre

Bryngarw Country Park in Brynmenyn, near Bridgend, is set to stage six outdoor theatre events this summer. The season started with Immersion Theatre's production of The Wind in the Willows on Monday 24th July.

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Eye-catching costumer, toe-tapping music and larger-than-life characters, including Ratty, Mole, Badger and Toad, promise to capture the imaginations of young children and nostalgic adults alike.

On Friday 28th July at 6.30pm, Heartbreak Productions return to Bryngarw with their adaptation of the David Walliams' bestseller Billionaire Boy. Families are invited to the helicopter pad outside 'Bumfresh Towers' to hear the story of how Mr Spud made his billions, lost it all, and how his son Joe became the richest boy in the world.

Following last year's success with 'Tales of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny', Quantum Theatre also return to the country park at 3pm on Monday 7th August with another family favourite - Alice Through the Looking Glass.

The performance will be packed full of Lewis Carroll's most memorable and enduring characters, as well as many of his finest nonsense and weirdly wonderful songs.

Bryngarw's annual Shakespearean performance will once again be provided by the Rain or Shine Theatre Company, with their production of Twelfth Night on Wednesday 16th August at 8pm. As the sun sets on the park, the audience will discover how "the course of true love never did run smooth" in one of the bard's most loved comic plays.

Blunderbus Theatre Company will make their first visit to the park with Dogs Don't Do Ballet, based on the bestselling children's book by Anna Kemp and Sara Ogilvie, at 2pm on Wednesday 23rd August.

The last show of the summer season is perfect for dinosaur fans: The Lost World at 6pm on Wednesday 30th August. Illyria are the first touring theatre to tackle a show in this genre and of this scope and they are promising a performance full of prehistoric thrills, monster laughs and 'life-size' dinosaurs.

For further information, contact Toni Cosson on 01656 725975 or email:

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