The goings on in and around Bridgend

Our family-friendly activities & attractions

Less than a week to go and one of the biggest youth festivals in Europe is going to kick off! That means there will be lots of excited families exploring the destination - good thing we're home to some fantastic family-friendly attractions and activities. Here are just a few ideas for making the most of your time in Bridgend during the Urdd Eisteddfod…

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Explore Bridgend's natural spaces
There are some great natural spaces to explore. Spaces such as Bryngarw Country Park, home to over 100 acres of beautiful parkland and local wildlife. Kids can ride the family-friendly biking trails and hunt for wildlife while the parents take in the wonderful local flora and fauna. There's also  Kenfig National Nature Reserve - one of Wales' top sand-dune reserves, with all the special plants, birds and insects that depend on this type of coastal habitat for their survival.

Walk the Glamorgan Heritage Coast
Wales has some of the most captivating scenery from nature reserves to imposing cliffs, with the Glamorgan Heritage Coast offering the opportunity to explore the best of the stunning coastline. From Porthcawl walk along the coast to Rest Bay to take in the limestone cliffs whilst exploring the tempting rock pools, a little pocket of the Welsh coastline that is the perfect base long walks or enjoying a leisurely walk along the Bay's golden sands.

Climb or even cycle the mighty Merthyr Mawr dunes
You might not think it, but Bridgend County in South Wales is home to the second highest dunes in Europe, including the mighty 'Big Dipper' (perfect for sand sledging). In fact, legend has it that the dunes made an appearance in the Oscar-winning epic Lawrence of Arabia. Porthcawl Bike Hire now offer the opportunity to take families on a unique fatbiking adventure across the dunes. 

Explore Ogmore Castle's ruins and stepping stones
The Merthyr Mawr dunes also hide the iconic ruins and stepping stones of Ogmore Castle. Parents will be able to enjoy wandering the ruins of the stunning Ogmore Castle while the kids hop across the nearby stepping stones, all before making the short walk to Ogmore beach for a relaxing stroll along the sandy bay.

Surf (or paddle board) the Welsh waves
Far less well known than the Welsh surf hotspots of Gower and Pembrokeshire, Bridgend nevertheless has some of the hottest surf breaks in the UK. Porthcawl offers some of the best waves for beginners and experienced surfers. Those in need of lessons can book a session with the Porthcawl Surf School, named the UK's Best Surf School at the UK Surf Awards. 

Enjoy the destination's indoor attractions
And if the rain comes? No problem, make the most of Bridgend's great indoor family attractions. Jump Jam is Wales' biggest indoor trampoline park - a vast area of trampolines with tumble tracks, foam pit and climbing walls. Then there's Wiggley's Farm, home to a huge indoor adventure play area with tube slide, rope bridges and much more.

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