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Make your 12 days of Christmas count this year!

The short time between Christmas and New Year (plus early Jan) is a time that you'll likely be spending with loved ones, which means it is a time to truly cherish and really make the most of.

So this year we've planned our very own special '12 days of Christmas' itinerary packed with fun events and family-friendly attractions that will get you sofa the sofa and help you make the most of this wonderful time of year with the people most special to you.

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The 1st day of Christmas - The Porthcawl Christmas Day Swim
Granted, this might not be everyone's cup of tea but the event still attracts thousands of brave participants while also raising money for some very important causes. Fancy dress is optional but we guarantee you'll have a brilliant time - this is now to biggest event of its kind in the UK!

The 2nd day of Christmas - The Porthcawl Lions Boxing Day Fun Run
Yes, you probably ate far too much yesterday and yes you'll be feeling it today. Lucky for you there's a 7k fun run starting at 11am at Hi Tide. Again, you'll be raising money for charity and there's a prize for best fancy dress. Sign up online here:

The 3rd day of Christmas - Cinderella at Porthcawl Pavilion
You love panto, don't you? Oh, yes you do! Last year's Jack & the Beanstalk was a huge success and this year Cinderella is set to raise the bar even higher. Expect song, dance, laughs and the most gruesome twosome in pantoland - the Ugly Sisters!
Book tickets here:

The 4th day of Christmas - The Keepers of Bryngarw Country Park
The Keepers of Bryngarw are the mythical guardians of the park's woodlands, meadows, gardens and river. A wonderful excuse to get out and explore the natural world, the Keepers uses sculpture, music and themes from Welsh mythology to bring the story of Bryngarw's wildlife and landscape to life.

The 5th day of Christmas - explore our epic castles
Wales is one of the best countries on the planet for castles and we're lucky to have three beauties - Ogmore, Newcastle and Coity. Kids will love hopping across the skipping stones of Ogmore while Coity has a fascinating history and dates back to the 11th century.

The 6th day of Christmas - All-weather activities for the family
Swap the geese a-laying for children playing at Bridgend's indoor play areas. Kids can try trampolining at JumpJam UK, indoor climbing at Bridgend Life Centre and take to the mighty indoor maze at Wiggley's Fun Farm.

The 7th day of Christmas - The UK's quirkiest New Year custom
Did you know this part of Wales is home to a very unique New Year's Eve called Mari Lwyd?  It involves a group of people - led by someone carrying a horse's skull and disguised by a white sheet - calling at houses and pubs and wishing them good luck. The Mari Lwyd will be also be revisiting The Corner House in Llangynwyd on Saturday the 13th of January.

The 8th day of Christmas - Celebrate the Year of the Sea
Throughout 2018 we'll be joining Visit Wales as we celebrate our epic shores and coastal adventures for the Year of the Sea. From fantastic surf beaches to scenic coastal pubs - get stuck in to one of our epic coastal activities: Be sure to keep an eye on our blog page on New Year's Day for all the top activities. /blog

The 9th day of Christmas - New Year, New You
The time has come to settle on your New Year resolutions. Are you going to take up a new hobby? Get in shape? Spend more time doing something you love? Check our blog come the 2nd of January for some tips on how to stick to those resolutions.

The 10th Day of Christmas - Cycling and biking our peaks and beaches
Today is the day for exploring on two wheels, from the Darren Fawr mountain biking trails to the family-friendly coastal route that stretches from Rest Bay and Sandy Bay. For a real challenge team up with Porthcawl Bike Hire and take a fatbike out across the Merthyr Mawr dunes.

The 11th day of Christmas - Ride the Welsh waves
We're home to award-winning surf instructors - Porthcawl Surf operate at Rest Bay and are open almost year round so there's no excuse not to don your wetsuit and hit the waves. Beginner lessons (including wetsuit, board and tuition) start at £30.

The 12th day of Christmas - Look ahead to Spring
The festive period is over and the time has come to look ahead to Spring and nature's rebirth. Where better to pre-empt this than our stunning natural spaces - particularly Parc Slip and Kenfig Nature Reserve, which is home to the rare Fen Orchid.

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