The goings on in and around Bridgend

Halloween happenings 2017!

Halloween, the time of year when you get dust off your pumpkin carvers and pick out your very best creepy costume. This can be a fantastic time of year for some family-friendly fun and Bridgend County is no exception…

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Bryngarw Spooktacular, 28th October
Are you brave enough to take a walk through the park after dark and listen to a spooky story? Then join the team at Bryngarw for a spooooooktacular event…if you dare! The first walk starts at 5pm and the last departs at 10pm - walks guaranteed to get darker and scarier as the night progresses! The grounds around the Park are uneven and lighting will be limited (to add to the scare-factor!) so bring appropriate footwear.
Tickets cost £6 per person and booking ahead is essential.

The Welsh Language Halloween Workshop, 28th October
Do you know your pwmpen from your ysbryd? The come and join this spooky party fun through the medium of Welsh at Porthcawl Pavilion! There's much family-fun to be had from 2pm on Saturday, including a competition for the best costume - so make sure you dress up well! All youngsters must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
For further information visit

Spooky Halloween Disco, 31st October
On Tuesday the 31st of October the Grand Pavilion in Porthcawl will also be hosting a Spooktacular disco with dancing, party games and yet another competition for the best fancy dress costume. All youngsters must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
For further information visit

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