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October Half Term Fun!

Parents beware: October Half Term is just around the corner, which means an army of children demanding entertainment! Lucky for you that there's plenty to keep the whole family entertained in Bridgend County this Half Term - read on and enjoy…

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Firstly, given that it is spooky season once again, there will be plenty of things going bump in the night! These include:

- A Family Fun Halloween Party at Tondu House Farm (Friday 27th October)
- Bryngarw Spooktacular (Saturday 28th October)
- Porthcawl Halloween Ball (Saturday 28th October)
- A Halloween event with Porthcawl Harbourside
- A Hi Tide Halloween kids disco (Tuesday 31st October)

Other options:

Oskar's Amazing Adventure at Carnegie House

Desperate for some fun, Oskar leaves his snowbound little house on top of the mountain to try to find a friendly animal to play with. But where are all the animals? And why does Oskar have to wait till spring to play his favourite game again?
An original, heart-warming play for young children and their families. Full of good humour, adventure, music and song, this is the perfect treat for your little ones. Ages 2-7 years old.
Tickets cost £6

Walk the Wales Coast Path
We're home to a beautiful stretch of the Wales Coast Path along the Glamorgan Heritage Coast. Porthcawl has seven beautiful beaches to choose from, ranging from the surfing territory of Sandy Bay to the Merthy Mawr sand dunes at Newton Beach, which has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

On Your Bike!
If you explore to spend a crisp autumn day exploring on two wheels, you're in luck! Choose some adrenaline fuelled mountain biking in the Garw Valley, or alternatively opt to follow the cycling tracks at Ogmore Valley or Llynfi Valley.

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