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New Year, New You in Bridgend County!

Start 2017 by embracing the great outdoors to revitalise yourself after all the Christmas feasting. As Visit Wales looks forward to legendary year ahead to celebrate Welsh history, Bridgend County is the perfect place to start your adventures. From rediscovering nature with the Nature Keepers Quest to walking along the stunning coastline there is something for everyone to help kick start your year. Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking...

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1. Rediscover the natural world with Nature Keepers Quest
Embark on a quest with Bridgend's 'Dare to Discover' app, which combines technology and nature, to search out 14 sculptures in unique settings. The Nature Keepers Quest is an ideal way for families to explore the Bridgend's natural hidden gems. The app is available for free featuring a map to help locate the statues, brought to life with exclusive videos and poems for real life adventures with some virtual fun thrown in.

2. Wild food foraging with Wild Spirit Brushcraft
From food foraging to survival courses, Wild Spirit Brushcraft as a range of courses on offer for those looking to try something new. Situated in 70 acres of beautiful woodland on the Merthyr Mawr Estate, the courses provide a chance to learn to live alongside nature with Camp Craft Weekends or head to the beach for a Wild Food Foraging course to find tasty treats and prepare lunch beach style!

3. Adrenaline pumping mountain biking
For the thrill seekers out there the Darren Fawr mountain bike trails offer something a little faster paced. Located in the Garw Valley, the trails allow you to experience the Welsh landscape by bike, travelling through a natural quarry and over rock features for a varied course. The two trails, Glengarw and Gellideg can be combined to provide a 6km ride to challenge even pro mountain bikers.

4. Go wild at Parc Slip Nature Reserve
The 300 acres at Parc Slip Nature Reserve is home to an abundance of wildlife providing a safe haven for families to discover the best of British nature. Not only is the reserve home to some of Wales' rarest wildlife including the endangered great crested newt, it is has well-maintained cycle tracks and over 10km tracks for dog walking. The Visitor Centre hosts regular events for those wishing to learn more about current wildlife research, with talks on bats, otters and more from experts in 2017.

5. Walk the Glamorgan Heritage Coast
Bridgend is a gateway to some of Wales' stunning coastline, being part of the Glamorgan Heritage Coast. To get active this January by taking a stroll along the cliffs or head towards Southerndown, better known by Doctor Who fans as Bad Wolf Bay, to amble along the beach. Take in some fresh country air whilst admiring views of the dramatic landscape.


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