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What's new at the Porthcawl Elvis Festival

In exactly one month Porthcawl will once again be all shook up over the King as it hosts the single largest gathering of Presley-a-likes in Europe. This year there will be a couple of new additions...


The weekend will see thousands dress up like The King and enjoy the featured events - the Official Shows taking place in the magnificent Grand Pavilion. These include The Elvies, the World's leading award Show for Elvis Tribute Artists. Over twenty venues in and around the town form the official Fringe Festival.

There will be a number of new additions to the festival this year. These include:

- A pop-up Elvis art gallery exhibiting works by Sara Topsham and Les Williams. The gallery will also feature the collection of Elvis Festival images from award-winning photographer Juliet Eden.

- Porthcawl's Grand Pavilion will also be screening 'The Gift' an acclaimed short film about Elvis followed by a Q&A with the producer.

- This year's International Headliner is American Victor Trevino who, earlier this month, came second in the Ultimate Elvis Competition held in Graceland.

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