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Event: Dahlicious Delights - A Songs and Scones event


This October Half Term you've got the opportunity to join the splendiferous Welsh branch of national music charity Live Music Now, for two hours of creative and musical fun for all ages to celebrate the Roald Dahl Centenary!

'Gloriumptious' LMN musicians, Triptych (Soprano, Piano, Cello) will take you on a phizz-whizzing interactive musical journey through Dahl's world of pure imagination, with songs from and inspired by his delumptious classic children's stories.

Rior to this there will be plenty of hands-on, creative, sensory fun:

- Charlie & The Chocolate Factory - create your own Dahl-inspired cake in the Inventing Room and experience 'Wonkavision'!
- The Twits - make an edible Mr Twit and your own Mr Twit Beard!
- The BFG - Make a dream jar to catch your dreams.
- Matlida - Show your skill with words and make a poster to rival the writing of Mr Dahl
- Fantastic Mr Fox - hands-on sensory fun for little ones in Mr Fox's Wood
- George's Marvellous Medicine - get hands on messy with our marvellous substances, and make your own marvellous medicine!
- James and the Giant Peach - go on a bug hunt, and find some peachy fun!

The event takes place at Gilgal Hall in Porthcawl on Friday the 28th of October.
First child £6.50, second child £5.50, adults £3.50

To book your tickets visit:

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