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Corinne's Surf Tour

Corrines Surf Tour

Calling all ladies… Embrace the surf lifestyle this summer and join UK professional surfer Corinne Evans on her female only 'Corinne's Surf Tour.' With a fun and relaxed approach to surf coaching, Corinne has developed a series of action packed surf days that will have aspiring surfer girls standing up & riding waves in no time. Taking place at various UK locations throughout June and July, Corinne will start the tour on Saturday 6th June at Rest Bay, Porthcawl.

Check out the #perfectday video

Flying the flag for women and girls that want to give surfing a try, Corinne's passion for surfing is truly infectious. Starting back in 2010, Corinne's Surf Tour has grown from strength to strength, earning her the support of UK Action Sports and Lifestyle brand Animal. With a host of additional dates in this year's calendar, Corinne is looking forward to welcoming guests old and new. 

Corinne commented 'Women's surfing is on the up with top female surfers really pushing the boundaries these days. It's so exciting to see and if I can inspire more women to pick up a board and get out on the water then great. The drive to get more women and girls into the sport is what I wake up for. I want to help them feel confident both in and out of the water.'

Corinne's Surf Tour

If perfecting the 'pop up' is on the agenda this summer then pack a bikini, leave any worries at home and join Corinne on one of her all girls surf days. Taking place at various locations throughout the UK, ladies can master the art of surfing in a fun, friendly and all female environment. Combining a pre-surf warm up with a 2 ½ hour surf lesson from Corinne & her team, the days are perfectly scheduled with a relaxing post-surf beach yoga session closely followed by a delicious lunch at one of the local beach cafes. With the promise of a surf inspired goodie bag to take home too, there's truly no better way to spend a day at the beach this summer.

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