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My Green Space

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We all need places for relaxation and escape, for exercise and recreation, and our parks and green space provide this. They also help to build a sense of community. This is why they always score at the top of what people regard as important, whether they are a resident or are just visiting.

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The My Green Space campaign aims to raise awareness through a primarily, although not exclusively, social media engagement campaign about the green spaces that people within the County Borough value and why.  Through a dynamic and engaging approach, engagement will encourage people to celebrate the green spaces that matter to them, through a variety of media and range of content as considered appropriate - image, video, audio, text, etc. 

Escape, exercise and relax. ‪#‎mygreenspace‬ an exciting new campaign to encourage people to access green spaces, parks, recreation and nature close to their homes and work.

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We believe that all people should have access to green spaces, parks, recreation and nature close to their homes and work.  We want to work with communities to identify what value is placed on individual green spaces by residents and barriers to their use.

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As the campaign develops we hope to engage with the public and inspire green space use by local people. These may not just include the nature reserves and local parks which we are promoting but areas of urban green space which are often overlooked.  We hope people will share their green spaces important to them.

We understand that in many cases it may not be immediately apparent that some green spaces are valued by the communities around them. This campaign provides an opportunity for the local people to highlight their local green spaces important to them, how they use and/or would like to use these spaces.

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The campaign will be launched from the community section of the Natural Neighbourhoods platform and we have spent the last year creating engaging, imaginative and dynamic content to run alongside this campaign that relates to key Local sites such as Local Nature Reserves.

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