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Top Tourism in Bridgend!

It's World Tourism Day on 27th September and that got us thinking about the best tourist locations...
We love Bridgend and we think it has plenty on offer for everyone! It's easily accessible by train; just over 2 hours from London, so you don't even have to bring the car! There are a wide range of accommodation options available, from the luxury of Great House, Laleston to cosy family rental cottages!
So in the spirit of World Tourism, here are our top 5 reasons why Bridgend is one of the best tourist locations in the UK!
5. Wales’ Number One Shopping Outlet!
McArthurGlen Designer Outlet, Bridgend is home to over 90 of your favourite designer brands all at up to 60% off! the biggest designer outlet in Wales, the centre offers a large choice of cafes and restaurants to provided you with sustenance as you browse iconic fashion brands, athletic labels and high-street favourites and grab some super bargains!
The Outlet also offers the services of a personal shopper! You can head along for a free consultation and then receive some tailor-made advice to guide you through your shopping experience! With everything on offer at the McArthur Glen Designer Outlet, why would you want to shop anywhere else?
4. Famously Quirky Festivals!

Bridgend Elf-steddfod

Bridgend Elf-steddfod

Whether you fancy trying your hand at spaghetti bridge building or hanging out with uni-cycling, stilt-walking elves, then Bridgend has the wacky festivals for you!
Bridgend’s Elf-steddfod began in 2010 and saw the record for the world’s largest gathering of elves broken when 720 Elves gathered in Bridgend Town Centre! Since then, this unique elf-gathering has become an annual event, and breaks its own record every year!
Bridgend hosts its annual Feastival, a fabulous alternative
Bridgend Feastival

Bridgend Feastival

to the traditional food festivals of Wales. there are cookery demonstrations, stalls and masterclasses galore, but the highlights are the quirky activities, everything from leek-lobbing to spaghetti bridge building and Egg dropping - a ‘smashing’ event where eggs are dropped from the town bridge and the surviving egg wins! To top it all, there is always an incredible foodie centre-piece; in 2010 it was a 10ft Cauliflower Sheep!
3. The Elvis Festival!
Porthcawl Elvis Festival

Porthcawl Elvis Festival

In 2013 Bridgend celebrated a 10th anniversary...of its Annual Elvis Festival! This festival is the biggest Elvis Festival in Europe and plays host to over 30,000 visitors over the weekend! the town is transformed into a huge celebration of Elvis, with hundreds of lookalikes and plenty of special Elvis events; singing competitions, Elvis fun-runs, best Elvis lookalike competitions and enough tribute concerts and acts to shake, rumble and roll to all weekend!
2. Above-Par Golfing Experiences!
Bridgend is home to over 5 different golf-clubs and can offer something for everyone! There are courses
Bridgend is also one of Britain's best know golfing destination. © Crown copyright (2013) Visit Wales

Bridgend is also one of Britain's best know golfing destination. © Crown copyright (2013) Visit Wales

for a relaxing round on a Sunday morning in beautiful scenery or more challenging courses for the pro-golfers out there! And of course, don’t miss out on a crazy golfing experience!
The Royal Porthcawl sees just a fraction of the rounds of its more famous neighbours in England and Scotland. The result is a golf course just as good as most British Open venues, but one that gives golfers an isolated, tranquil round.
The Grove Golf Club is a superb golf course and luxury Club House in Porthcawl, nestling in the rolling countryside with spectacular views across the Bristol Channel. The main purpose is to provide golfers with the means to enjoy the game. The course has been carefully designed to provide a true challenge to golfers of all abilities. There are plenty of hazards including trees, water hazards, bunkers and out of bounds to keep even the best golfers on their toes and make club selection of prime importance.
But don’t forget to try your hand at a spot of crazy golf - Porthcawl Sandy Bay Beach and Trecco bay Holiday park both have great little courses, so whilst the avid golfers head out for 18 holes, the adventurers can take on a spot of crazy golf on the beach!
1. Top Water Sports Destination
We think Bridgend is the ultimate water sports destination, with every kind of water activity
Surfing at Rest Bay, Porthcawlimaginable on offer; Paddle Surfing, Sea Kayaking, Wind-Surfing and Kite-Surfing are common favourites, and available from a number of centres.
Coasteering is our favourite up and coming adrenaline adventure sport, combining everything from cliff-jumping, climbing and rock gully swimming to rock scrambling, wave riding and cave exploration! No to coasteers are ever the same and Bridgend is the hot spot to try this exciting new sport.
Then of course, there’s good old traditional surfing. Bridgend has a number of beaches and offers some of the bets surf in the UK. There are beaches and tides to suit every surfer, whether you’re just staring out and need a gentle swell, or if you’re a pro surfer, like Ingemar Cressey - South African AND Welsh National Surfing Champion - who loves the surf in Bridgend so much, he has relocated here and now run’s Cressey’s Surf Academy.  Porthcawl Surf can also be spotted in the car park next to box bay as well.
In fact, Bridgend is so renowned for spectacular water sports that they host the ‘Porthcawl SplashUp’! One of the most exciting water sports and music events in the country, the SplashUp showcases the area as one of the leading venues in Wales for water sports and lifestyle attractions, and it’s free!

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