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Best Western Heronston Hotel in Bridgend is one of the Group's first members to install an electric car charging point in its grounds. This is part of Best Western's drive to introduce these chargers across 50 hotels in May, and half of the portfolio by September this year.

Charge points in Bridgend

Charge points in Bridgend

As Britain's largest group of independent hotels this eco-friendly plan will provide the world's first network of electric car charging stations at hotels. Best Western GB recognises that there is now a real and increasing widespread demand for 'green' transport. The Group's national strategy to introduce electric charging points will make electric vehicles more accessible and attractive to the public with long term benefits to the environment and much lower running costs for the motorists who switch over.

Hotel guests will be able to charge their cars for free, while non residents will be at the discretion of the hotel manager.

Best Western GB is working with acclaimed green charity Carbon World (ZCW), and the partnership will increase ZCW's network of charging stations by 35% nationally.

Carolyn Powell, General Manager of the Best Western Heronston Hotel said: "This is a fantastic initiative and something the hotel really believes in. As well as working towards reducing Bridgend's carbon footprint, we are offering even more for our guests and hope to raise awareness of the benefits of choosing an electric car."

Best Western was the first UK hotel group to offer free guest internet across the entire portfolio and campaigned for it to be offered by all other hotel groups. At the time, the move was questioned by industry insiders, in a similar way to questions being asked about the benefits of electric car charging.

Best Western's chairman Angela Burns, a longstanding electric car driver, said: "Current Government figures show that electric car use will increase to 1.2 million by 2020. As a forward thinking company Best Western is at the forefront of this advance towards greener transport."

Charles Roberts, spokesman for Zero Carbon World, said: "Best Western's initiative is a massive thumbs up for electric cars. Not only do electric cars have low fuel and maintenance costs they also benefit from low tax rates as company cars and have zero emissions."

Investment from major car manufacturers like Renault, Nissan, Tesla, BMW, Mitsubishi, Citroen, Ford, Mercedes, Range Rover and Smart Mini totals billions. Even the UK government has invested a huge amount to help push the boundaries for the modern electric car - £400 million has been ploughed into its Plugged In Places scheme.

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